What is the International Mathematical Olympiad?
The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) is the annual world championship in high school mathematics. The first IMO was held in 1959 in Romania. The IMO 2017 will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from 12th of July to 23rd of July, 2017. The problems in the IMO come from topics in Number Theory, Algebra, Combinatorics and Geometry that are usually done at high school. Though the problems are based on high school material, solving them requires exceptional mathematical ability and thinking.

Participation in the IMO is by invitation only. Each invited country is entitled to send a team consisting of up to six contestants, a Leader and a Deputy Leader. Contestants have to be born on or after 20th of July 1997 and not formally enrolled at a university or any other equivalent post-secondary institution. The country that hosts the IMO provides accommodation, meals, and land based transport for the team. The contestants write two papers, on consecutive days, each paper consisting of three questions with four and half hours to answer. Each question is worth seven points and a total score of 42 points is possible.For more info, IMO Offical Web Site.

How can I get into the Sri Lankan delegation to the International Mathematical Olympiad?
You can apply for the Sri Lankan Mathematics Competition. The top 40 students in this competition will be invited to the Sri Lanka Challenge Competition and training programs. After a series of competitions, at most 6 students will be chosen to represent Sri Lanka at the IMO. To apply for SLMC as a school candidate please contact your Mathematics teacher for more details. To apply as a private candidate, fill out the application form in this website and follow the instructions.

What is Sri Lanka Mathematics Competition?
The Sri Lankan Mathematics Competition (SLMC) which will be held on the 22nd of April is a mathematics competition open to all students born on or after 20th of July 1997 who have not enrolled at a university or an equivalent institution. The SLMC paper consists of 30 multiple choice questions with a time limit of 90 minutes. The SLMC will be based on Grade 10 Mathematics. The 4 subject areas Algebra, Combinatorics, Geometry and Number theory will be examined at SLMC. The competition will be held in three mediums; Sinhala, Tamil and English. Past papers can be found here.

What is the International Mathematics Competition and how can I participate?
The International Mathematics Competition(IMC) is an annual Mathematics Competition for students of under 17 years of age. Four students who were born after 25th of July 2000 will be selected to participate in the International Mathematics Competition from their performance at the SLMC. This year's IMC will be held in Lucknow, India from 25th of July to 31st of July, 2017.

How can I participate in the Junior Olympiads like IMSO?
Sri Lanka Olympiad Mathematics Foundation conducts competitions to send teams to IMO and IMC Key Stage III only. Competitions for IMSO and IMC Key Stage II (Grades 6,7 and 8) are conducted by the Mathematics Branch of the Ministry of Education. Please contact the Mathematics Branch for more information.