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    Because the camel only moves in either white or black squres the camel cant have a camels tour from a1 to b1.but if theres a tour it implies that however camel was able to change the colour of the squres that he moves, which means he can perform disorted moves.because he can perform disorted moves he can do a camels tour from any squre to any square

    Akila WickramagamageAkila Wickramagamage
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    The camel can only move in the same colored squares I.e. it can only move in white or it can only move in black.A1 & B1 are different colour squares so the camel can never move from one to the other. Whereas B2 is the same color as A1 so it can follow some path and move to that square. However if the camel was somehow able to move from A1 to B1 this would imply that it can move to similar colour squares as well. So it can move from any square to any other squares. So both answer B&C are correct.

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