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Sri Lankan Mathematics Competition (SLMC) 2019

New Exam Date / New admission cards

SLMC 8, 11 and 13:
Date: 28th of September 2019
Time: 10.30 am to 12 noon.

New admission cards of school and private applicants were posted last week-end to the school/home addresses respectively.

Reporting Errors / Non Receipt of Admission Cards:

If there is any error in your new admission card or if you haven’t received your new admission card by the evening of 22 October 2019, it is requested to enter your details in the fill out form as per the link below and submit immediately.

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About SLMC

Please click here

International Teenagers’ Mathematics Olympiad (ITMO) 2019

(ITMO 2019)
13-17, October 2019
City Montessori School, Gomti Nagar Campus – I, Lucknow India



International Teenagers Mathematics Olympiad (ITMO) is a prestigious international mathematics Olympiad held every two years. It was last held in Philippines in 2017. This competition has the same structure as the International Mathematics Competition (IMC) but it is a better competition than IMC as the name suggests.  ITMO is held at two levels:
Key Stage II (Grades 6, 7, 8)
Key Stage III (Grades 9, 10, 11)
ITMO is good for students to showcase their mathematical talent at an international level.

Teams (total of eight teams):
Sri Lanka Olympiad Mathematics Foundation will send 4 teams (A, B, C and D) at Key Stage II level and 4 teams (P, Q, R and S) at Key Stage III level to ITMO. Each team will consist of 4 contestants in addition to its leader and the deputy leader.

1.    Free Tour Package (four teams):
For two teams in each category (teams A, B, P, Q), accommodation for contestants, leaders and deputy leaders is free – i.e. ITMO 2019 organizers will take care of all their expenses in India during the competition. For four teams viz. A, B, P and Q (i.e. the first two teams in each category); accommodation, meals, land transport and sightseeing will all be provided free during the official period of the  ITMO (13 – 17 October 2019).

2.    Paid Participation (four teams):
In other teams (teams C, D, R, S), each member (contestant, leader or deputy leader) has to pay US $ 650 for accommodation, meals, land transport and sightseeing during the official period of the ITMO. These will be arranged by the ITMO organizers.

3.    Air Travel:
Please note the air travel cost will have to be borne individually by the all participants (i.e. students/leaders/observers/parents). SLOMF will assist by arranging air passage/visas/travel ins/admin formalities etc. in the most economical and safest manner possible.

4.   Team Selection:
Selection of the teams will be through SLMC results and a Selection Test if required. Deadline for registering students for ITMO Selection Test is August 27, 2019. For more information please call Wg Cdr (rtd) Priyantha Jayawickrama BSc at 076 455 3219.

Contestants’ Age Eligibility Criteria:

  • Contestants must have been born:
    • Key Stage II – on or after 13th October 2006
    • Key Stage III – on or after 13th October 2003 and should not have enrolled in the Senior High School or equivalent institutions.
  • Note: Students should submit a school certificate for the verification of age.

How to apply

To apply complete and submit the following Google fill out form: click Apply ITMO 2019


Aims of ITMO:

  • Provide young students the opportunity to communicate mathematical ideas and reasoning through competition;
  • Present an avenue for mathematical interaction and foster camaraderie and friendship among youths of the world; and
  • Improve students’ higher order thinking skills through games and problem solving.
  • Provide a supportive and stimulating environment for mathematics, innovation and education.
  • Establish networks with international educational organizations for the development of teaching and learning of mathematics.
    For further information click here.


Maneth Perera won a Bronze medal for Sri Lanka and the other five members of the team, viz., Ghaura Mahabaduge, Kisara Kodithuwakku, Sithija Kotuwewaththa, Sandaru Balahewa and Nelushi Vithanachchi all won Honourable mention awards at the just concluded International Mathematical Olympiad 2019 held in UK. Results

Sri Lanka Team for IMO 2019 returned to the island on 23rd from University of Bath, UK where the IMO was held this year. Parents and well wishers were there at the BI Airport to garland and receive them. Here the triumphant team pose for a picture on their arrival at the airport with SLOMF officials. CEO of Sri Lanka Olympiad Mathematics Foundation Dr. Chanakya Wijeratne who joined the team this time as an observer is flanked by the Team Leader Dr. Dayal Dharmasena on his right and Deputy Leader Dr. Kaushika de Silva on his left. Royalist Maneth Perera who won his second Bronze medal at International Mathematical Olympiad is on Dr. Dayal’s right, with the medal he won. While Maneth’s score of 22 is the joint highest by a Sri Lankan student at an IMO since 1995, the relative rank 73.06% he has reached is the highest so far by a Sri Lankan student in its IMO history of 24 years of participation. Anandian Ghaura (to the left of Dr. Kaushika) who won a Bronze medal last year missed a Bronze medal this year by a mere one mark. Richmondite Kisara, Vishakian Nilushi, Mahindian Sandaru and the other Royalist in the team Sithija all did well to win Honourable mention awards. This year, 112 countries participated in this annual august mathematical contest, conducted each year in a different country in the month of July and is the highest and most respected global mathematical competition for High-school students under 20 years of age. Last year, the IMO was held in Romania and the next year IMO is scheduled to be held in the Russian Federation. The Sri Lanka team’s achievements this year augurs well for the future of Olympiad Mathematics in Sri Lanka. Well done!

Hong Kong International Mathematical Olympiad (HKIMO) 2019

(For Students of Grades 1 to 13)


Rehan Adithya Weerakoon upon receiving his World Star Award

Sri Lanka team won three gold medals while Rehan Adithya Weerakoon became a World Star (Primary 6 category) at HKIMO finals held in Hong Kong on 31st August.

Sri Lanka Team to HKIMO Finals

The Sri Lanka team to HKIMO finals at BIA on the eve of their departure to Hong Kong in the wee hours on Friday

Nineteen medal winners of the HKIMO heat round which was conducted at the University of Colombo last month are contesting in the finals. They departed to Hong Kong, some with their parents, on 30th Aug to participate in the HKIMO finals on the following day. They are under the guidance of Dr. Chanakya Wijeratne who leads the team this time.
The medalists of the HKIMO and TIMO finals will compete in WIMO later this year. Sri Lanka produced seven gold medal winners at the TIMO held in Thailand last month.
Eventually the gold medalists of WIMO will also have the opportunity of getting a priceless IMO training overseas.

Previously on HKIMO . . . . . . .


HKIMO Finals will be on 31st August 2019 at the City University of Hong Kong. The 37 students who obtained medals in the Heat Round are eligible for HKIMO finals. Those who win a Gold medal at the  HKIMO Final can participate in the WIMO in Tokyo, Japan scheduled to be held during 27-30, December 2019. 


  • As you know we could not hold the Sri Lankan Mathematics Competition 2019 on the scheduled date due to various reasons including the security situation in the country. Now we are planning to have the competition in September but we don’t have the exact date as the Department of Examinations Sri Lanka has to confirm a date in September.
  • Because of this postponement, our students do not get the chance to go to HKIMO 2019 through SLMC 2019 as HKIMO2019 is going to be held during August 30 – September 2, 2019.
  • So we have decided to hold HKIMO Heats, the preliminary round of HKIMO, on June 29, 2019from 9 am to 10:30 am at the University of Colombo for a limited number of students. At the University of Colombo, an interactive session on HKIMO 2019 will be held after the competition from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm. Only the first 450 students who register will get the chance to participate in this interactive session.

For whom

  • HKIMO is an Olympiad for every student who has some talent in mathematics, not just for those who have extraordinary talent in mathematics, and it is a wonderful opportunity for students to develop their talent in mathematics as this competition will be conducted here at 10 levels; primary 1 (grade 1), primary 2 (grade 2), primary 3 (grade 3), primary 4 (grade 4), primary 5(grade 5), primary 6 (grade 6), secondary 1 (grade 7), secondary 2 (grade 8), secondary 3 (grade 9), upper secondary (grades 10 and higher).

Question Papers

  • All the competition papers will be set in the English and Chinese mediums by the Olympiad Champion Education Center in China. Each competition paper has questions from the 5 areas of logical thinking, arithmetic/algebra, number theory, geometry, and combinatorics. Each heat paper is of one and a half hour duration and has 5 short questions from each of those 5 areas totaling to 25 short questions.  Each final paper is of two hours duration and has 6 short questions from each of those 5 areas totaling to 30 short questions. 
  • For HKIMO Heats practice papers and answers click here.

Certificates and Awards

  • Every student who participates at the HKIMO Heats receives a certificate of participation and has the opportunity to win Bronze, Silver and Gold medals. These certificates of participation and medals will be awarded by the following institution in China:
    • Olympiad Champion Education Center Room 309-310, 8 Jordan Road, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR, China. Tel (852) 3153 2028 / 9310 1240 Fax (852) 3153 2074
  • This institution will send SLOMF the certificates of participation and medals and we will award them at an awards ceremony here. Those students who win a bronze or a higher medal can go to HKIMO 2019scheduled to be held at the City University of Hong Kong on August 31, 2019 (Saturday).
  • For further details on HKIMO click here.


  • Registration fee for a student at any level is Rs.  4000.00. Please note that this covers the cost for the certificates of participation, medals and the awards ceremony here in Sri Lanka.
  • Admission Cards will be available online, and you will be notified.
  • Registration closes on June 28, 2019.
  • For queries please send an email to or call WgCdr (rtd) P. Jayawickrama at 076 455 3219.

Heats concluded…

The HKIMO Heats was conducted at the University of Colombo on 29th June from 9:35 to 11:05 at the KG Hall and from 9:45 to 11:15 at the Tissue Culture Hall. It was followed by the interactive training session – which was done as two parallel programs; for the primary group at the KG Hall and for the secondary group at the Tissue Culture Hall.

Downloading results:

The results will be made available for downloading through the parent/teacher login portal used to register the students. There will be an SMS notification when the results are published – which would be approximately in a weeks’ time.

Results – Heat Round 2019:

HKIMO 2019 Heat Round: Results

Award Ceremony – Heat Round

The Award Ceremony will take place in September. Date will be notified (through mobile notifications and a web notice) in due course.

International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) 2019

IMO 2019

President Meets Sri Lanka Team to International Mathematical Olympiad

The President invited the Sri Lanka Team to IMO 2019 to wish them best of success at the upcoming 60th International Mathematical Olympiad. The event took place at the Presidential Secretariat. Among several academic luminaries present at the occasion were, the Chancellor of the University of Moratuwa, Prof. K. K. Y. W. Perera and the Vice Chancellor of Colombo University, Prof. Chandrika Wijeratne.
Sri Lanka Olympiad Mathematics Foundation selects the students with the best mathematical talent through a series of competitions and trains them for the IMO each year and has produced many a bronze medalist at this prestigious competition over the past 15 years. Officials of the Sri Lanka Technological Campus who helped to get this event underway were also present.

Seated from left: Dr. Chanakya Wijeratne (Senior Lecturer at University of Colombo / Former Head of Mathematics Department and founder / CEO of Olympiad Mathematics Foundation); Dr. Nishantha Perera (Head of the Department of Mathematics, University of Colombo); Eng. Ranjith Rubasinghe (CEO, SLTC), Mr. P.G. Kumarasinghe Sirisena (Chairman, SLT); Prof. K. K. R. Mahanama (Dean of the Faculty of Science, University of Colombo); Prof. Chandrika Wijeratne (Vice Chancellor of the University of Colombo); Prof. K. K. Y. W. Perera (Chancellor of the University of Moratuwa), His Excellency Maithripala Sirisena, the President of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka; Kisara Kodithuwakku (Richmond College, Galle); Sandaru Balahewa (Mahinda College, Galle); Ghaura Mahabaduge (Ananda College,  Colombo); Sithija Kotuwewatte (Royal College, Colombo); Maneth Perera (Royal College, Colombo); Eng. R. Gunawardena (Director of Operations, SLTC)

Back row from left: Wg Cdr (rtd) Priyantha Jayawickrama (Director, SLOMF); Dr. Kaushika de Silva (Senior Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, University of Sri Jayawardenapura and Director, SLOMF); Dr. Dayal Dharmasena (Senior Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, University of Colombo and Director Training, SLOMF); Dr. Jagath Wijeratne (Senior Lecturer and Former Head, Department of Mathematics, University of Colombo); Mr. M. S. K. Gunathilake (Deputy Principal, Ananda College, Colombo); Mr. P.M. G. G. Jayawardena (Principal, Mahinda College, Galle); Mr. Sampath Weragoda, (Principal, Richmond College, Galle), [Mrs. G. Mahabaduge; Dr. K. R. Fernando; Ms Nisansala Ramanayake; Ms. Lalani Lenora; Ms. Anoma Wickramaarachchi,  Ms. Kumudini Wickramasuriya; Mr. H. K. Balahewa; Mr. G.W.S.K. Perera; Mr. KKSP Kodithuwakku](parents of the team); Dr. Anuradha Mahasinghe (Senior Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, University of Colombo)

Sri Lanka Team to IMO 2019 at training: click for article
IMO 2019 official video: click for video

Previously on IMO . . . . . . .

IMO Selection Tests 2019

  • Selecting the IMO team had to be done on SLMC 2018 because of the postponement of SLMC 2019. But in countries with strong IMO programs country’s IMO team is selected from an IMO pool selected previous year as it allows providing year-long training to the IMO pool and selecting the most motivated students for the IMO from the pool. So we will follow the same method this year by selecting an IMO pool for 2020 from SLMC 2019 later this year.
  • IMO team was selected from the top 50 Performers at SLMC 2018 who satisfy the age requirements of born on or after July 2nd 1999 and born on or after August 1st 2002 respectively.
  • Selected Contestants for IMO Pool Selection Test (IMOPST) 2019: click here
  • IMOPST 2019: Results
  • IMO Team Selection Test (IMOTST) 2019: Results

The Sri Lanka Team to IMO 2019

Sri Lanka team for IMO 2019 has been selected from SLMC 2018 winners, through the challenge competition SLMCC 2019 and the IMO Team Selection Tests. They are currently undergoing a residential training program. The team will depart on 13th July to participate in the International Mathematical Olympiad 2019 which will be held at the University of Bath, England.

  • The Sri Lankan Team:
    • G. M. B. Perera, Royal College, Colombo
    • T. V. N. Vithanachchi, Visakha Vidyalaya, Colombo
    • K. S. Kodithuwakku, Richmond College, Galle
    • G.A. Mahabaduge, Ananda College, Colombo
    • S. A. Kotuwewatta, Royal College, Colombo
    • S.T. Balahewa, Mahinda College, Galle

International Mathematics Competition (IMC) 2019

IMC Selection Test 2019

  • IMC team was selected from the top 50 Performers at SLMC 2018 who satisfy the age requirements of born on or after July 2nd 1999 and born on or after August 1st 2002 respectively.
  • Selected Contestants for IMC Team Selection Test (IMCTST) 2019: click here
  • IMCTST Past Papers: click here
  • IMCTST 2019 Question Paper: click here
  • IMCTST 2019: Results


An Exciting Problem…


  • To view the Problem: click here


  • For the Solution: click here

Challenging Mathematics – Problem of the Week Competition


  • A challenging mathematical problem is posted every week in the form of an MCQ, for you to try.
  • To view the problem (and past quizzes): click here


  • To compete, you should submit your answer before the deadline and should be below 18 on that date.
  • Should submit both your answer (selected from five choices given), and your explanation.


  • The first three students to submit the correct answer with the most correct mathematical explanation will get respectively:
    • First Prize: Rs. 2000.00
    • Second Prize: Rs. 1500.00
    • Third Prize: Rs. 1000.00

How to Submit your Answer

  • Three modes/options are available to submit your answers:
    • Upload: click here
    • Email:
    • Send by registered post, to the address: Dr. Chanakya Wijeratne, Department of Mathematics, University of Colombo, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka. 

To view the answer and to join the forum discussion

  • View the answer:
    • You can view the correct answer after you submit yours with or without an explanation
  • Join the forum discussion: 
    • Forum is open for discussion of the question when the dead line expires.
    • To join the forum: click here


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