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Sri Lankan Mathematics Competitions 2019 – SLMC 8, 11 & 13 – April 6 10:30 am – 12:00 noon
Closing Date for Registration Extended to February 26th

The Sri Lankan Mathematics Competition 8 (SLMC 8) is based on basic grade 6 mathematics and designed to let students have a positive experience in mathematics. All the students in grades 6-8, irrespective of their marks in mathematics at school tests, should participate in this competition. The Sri Lankan Mathematics Competition 11 (SLMC 11) and the Sri Lankan Mathematics Competition 13 (SLMC 13) are based on basic grade 8 and 11 mathematics respectively and designed to help students develop their mathematical thinking. Also, by participating in SLMC 11 and SLMC 13 students get the opportunity to participate in the international mathematics competitions TIMO, HKIMO, WIMO, IMC & IMO. Deadline for registering in the 3 competitions is February 22, 2019. For more details read the SLMC 2019 Booklets in the 3 languages.


Private Candidates

If you are a student registering yourself or a parent registering a child, then please go to

School Candidates

Students can register as school candidates only through teachers from a school. 

How Schools can register students

Schools have been mailed an application form and an instruction sheet on how to register students. You can download here the application form and the instruction sheet. First a school has to register itself in the competitions through using the password given in the instruction sheet. Then the school can create accounts for teachers so that they can register their students. If a school does not know the password please call a number given in the student support center and get the password. If you already have a password, use to login

If you’re a teacher that has been registered by a school – head to and login

Registration Fees

Online Registrations: Rs. 500.00 per student
By Post, through WhatsApp, E-mail and fax: Rs. 600.00 per student

Student Support Center

For Questions/Clarifications on SLMC 2019

Tamil: 076 455 3216 Razeel
Tamil: 076 149 6244 Neela
Sinhala/English: 076 149 6245 Thejani,
Sinhala/English: 076 149 6246Praveen,
Sinhala/English: 0117 010 124 Mr. W. G. Perera.

Text:May text above numbers when they are busy,

24/7 Hotline 0764553217
Director SLOMF (WgCdr (rtd) P Jayawickrama): 076 455 3219
CEO/ SLOMF (Dr. ChanakyaWijeratne): 076 455 3215

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